Stockholm Safari July 2001

Stockholm Artic Morris Gathering #5

A modest contingent of Hki Morrisers in full Border regalia commence their third trip to Stockholm in front of the old Opera House (I think - correct me if nec). Assorted Helsinki musicians ably assisted by Eken Morris.

What I assume to be Mediaplats, a trendworthy square near the national TV headquarters, where HM's and Eken Morris entertained a puzzled crowd of indigenous Swedes. There were Turks, Finns, dogs and drunks - all enjoying our agony in the afternoon sun.

More views of HM backsides, avoiding our proudly greened-and-blacked up faces, performing a mixture of Helsinki Border Morris. Could it be Mariaplats??


More illustrious scenery from Central Stockholm, complete with flailing HM ribbons, sticks and backsides - actually performing our own version of Sheepskins, with Royal Ballet style in-line clashing dance-off!!