Kuopio Safari July 2000

Kuopio International Dance Festival here we are!

The Market Square at high noon July 1. The uncontrovertably eclectic style of Helsinki Morrisers is abundantly clear with the overlay of Border tatter jackets atop the Cotswold whites, and was still oppressively hot.

Sami and Ann-Christin morrisfully battle out Highland Lassie a la Adderbury (I think)


Ruth & Paivi's grandiose departing waves to the audience of 00's Did they have any idea what it was all about? - Did we?

Assorted Gaggle including all hangers-on and most dancers, including injured Jaska.
Still how well we coped - with sun, audience, fame, children, broken bells....



Our stalwart musicians - John of the bare feet and limp-wristed tabor (sock-it-to-us mate) and Matias of the ever extending squeezebox, and other musical commitments. Neverending humble gratitude to you both, not forgetting Tuuli's frequent fiddle work too!


A final Highland Marysome grovel to the grateful audience featuring all-Finnish cast: Riikka, Heikki of the flowing hair, Eyvor of the low-swept sweeps, and Riitta (I hope!)