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Pakila Summer 2020

Salisbury 2016

Tallin Royalty Show June 2011

On the ice

England Tour

Night of the Arts 8/05

Arctic Ale 2004

The Helsinki Morrisers are a thoroughly mixed(up)Morris Dance side started around 1993 in downtown Annankatu. The first performance took place on a sunny summer evening at the British Embassy, from where original logo, a sycamore seed, comes. The costume has changed considerably since them, and reflecting the membership now includes some Marimekko design

Since 1996 we have been active members of the Arctic Morris Association along with Eken Morris from Stockholm. Ales (not beers but an ancient word for a gathering of morris dancers!!) with them have been held almost every year since then in either Helsinki or Stockholm. See here for pics of the 2013 Ale, from Chris Cox of Sarum Morris, Salisbury UK.

For practices we still are very happy to be able to use the Finnish-British Society in central Helsinki (Frederikinkatu 20A - p.+3589 6877020 and at Finnbrits) - every first Friday of the month at 5pm and and every third Sunday at noon. Just come along and meet us if you fancy a go! Over the years local venues have included Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki Railway Station, Kallio Flower Festival, as well as Kaustinen and Rääkylä Music Festivals, the annual May Day dance on Helsinki streets, and more such as on the ice photo, or Morris on Ice video and from Saint Petersburg this!

UPCOMING ACTIONPractices at Fredrikinkatu 20a, every month's First Friday at 17.30 and 3rd Sunday 12.00 - WELCOME

We will hopefully be dancing with the same energy as in the old days(!) and as we did a while ago at Kuopio Dance Festival

Current styles of dancing include a mix of Border(Shropshire Bedlams), Molly(Ousewash and Gog Magog), Cotswold (via Eken Morris) and Helsinki traditions. Here's a short video of us performing our own Sibelius dance in Wimborne a few summers ago..

Doing what we also do well, at the Sopukka stage, Kaustinen Festival July 2023 - OOH YEAHH

The Webmaster is a Morris Dancer too